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I still don’t feel like this is all real. Sometimes I think to myself, maybe the doctor misread the test, or there really is only my heartbeat. Something, anything. Not that it’s a plea at all, because I’ve come to terms with being okay that I’m pregnant. It’s just that I’m not that ‘glowing’, or ‘motherly’, or ‘maternal’ person that I thought moms-to-be are supposed to be.

I just don’t feel like it will be real until I have this baby in my arms. That will happen in 6 months.

I’m just still blown away by it.

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  2. hayley-rosanna answered: Im due in 5 days and im still not okay/belive it.
  3. going-my-way answered: Its crazy what the body can do huh
  4. thiswearyhead answered: I’m 14 weeks and it still doesn’t seem real. I think once I can feel movement it will seem more real for me.
  5. melbotz answered: I felt the same way for a really long time while pregnant <3 It’ll pass :)
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